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Padel in Marseille

For all lovers of racket games, the  Tennis Academy of Luminy in Marseille has had four full panoramic padel courts since March 2021. 

For those who do not know this discipline, it was in 2013 that the famous French player Henri Leconte decided to export padel. This racket game, which is experiencing rapid expansion in South American countries and Spain, has recently been developing in France. 

This fun and friendly sport is played in pairs and does not require any particular levels. Padel is a clever mix of tennis and squash . The ground is closed and closed by glazing. 

The game is organized as for tennis, the same goes for scoring. The game is organized in two winning sets.

So don't hesitate any longer and let yourself be tempted by padel...

Le  Tennis Academy de Luminy à Marseille  proposera aux enfants «  la padel academy  ». Indeed, this racket game attracts more and more people, especially children who love this new fashionable discipline.

Its playful and collective side (because it is played in doubles) allows its players to get into the game more quickly and therefore have more fun. 


The official rules of Padel

One year subscription

Unlimited play: 400 €

Tennis / Paddle Pack

Play unlimited outdoor courts: 600 €

Private lessons

Individual lesson : 40 €

Course in pairs : 30 € / pers.


Our hourly rentals

All week, day or evening, equipment included, duration 1h30: 10 € par joueur

Our notebooks

10 tickets : 80 € 
20 tickets : 140 €

Equipment loan

Racket or ball rental: 3 €

Rackets + Balls: 5 €

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